Twisted Tea – Atlanta

If you watched college football this season on ESPN, you likely saw the spot.

The clever head coaches at Squiers LLC, Current Motion, and Lighthouse Films teamed up again for another Twisted Tea drop, and I was thrilled to be on the roster.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game plan, a large yellow crate filled with swag and spiked tea gets “dropped” and the party ensues. The sea of yellow and blue rivals any LA Rams or Chargers game!

This campaign is playoff bound because it’s got great legs. One of the many fun parts is seeing where the big yellow box will show up next. 

Twisted Tea recruits real “super fans” for a few days of filming, creating a target-rich environment for my camera. Those fortunate folks end up being teammates for life in a hall-of-fame-like group.

Looking for a veteran player for your next championship run? As a free agent in 2024, I’ve got some pretty good stats.