Preacher On The Beach

I live in a small town, but we have a big church. It’s called Port City Community Church, or PC3 for short. Some people call it the “rock-and-roll church,” and we do have an awesome band. But that’s only one reason why approximately 6000 people come to one of the four services on Sundays. It’s for the message. Some folks may say, “the message is the boring part.” But not here. Surfer/pastor Mike Ashcraft brings the Word in a down-to-earth way with an open and honest heart. He’s real, and his messages are too. So I was very honored when the media department asked me to photograph him. Where would we go? Well, he’s a beach lover (like me), so that’s where we went. But I didn’t want to shoot just another beach portrait, so I decided to overexpose the images quite a bit. You could say the results are almost heavenly.