On a Roll with Müngi Bands

Lately I’ve been shooting for some very creative entrepreneurs. The latest inventor to call has developed a product called Müngi Bands (pronounced MOON-gee), the next generation of silicone bands for kids that use magnets to connect to each other. My client needed a branding video for his website and had seen my children’s portraits. We were going to shoot outside, but the schedule kept getting pushed back due to the late delivery of his product. Suddenly we found ourselves in the drab grey of December. So we secured a classic skating rink and invited a ton of elementary and middle-school students on the first day of their Christmas break. The kids were really into it and even surprised my client with the creative ways they wore their Müngi Bands. Kind of a rolling focus group, if you will. The video definitely added some flavor to his website, as well as a new trade show booth. He may have to order a few more cases of Müngis!