National Park Service / Ebony Anglers

You’ve probably never heard of them. But this group had been featured by NBC’s Today, BBC Sports and the New York Times.

Ebony Anglers is a competitive fishing team comprising five African-American business women. Besides winning fishing tournaments, this noble group loves giving back to the community, hence their annual Legacy Youth Camp.

Working with Washington DC’s Long Story Short and Wilmington’s Port City Films, I set off to follow 22 campers on their Ebony Anglers saltwater fishing adventure to Cape Lookout, NC. We boarded the ferry to Cape Lookout, where a National Park ranger taught the kids about the area’s history, and how local African-American men played a crucial role in the Civil War.

Then they all went fishing.

The moment the first line was cast, the island was filled with joy. The kids’ happiness was authentic and contagious. It filled my heart seeing their genuine excitement when they got a bite.

Although I’m not an avid fisherman, I do love fishing for pure human emotion. Big thanks to Molly, Curtis and the PCF team for bringing me along. Fish on!

Client: National Park Service
Production: Long Story Short, Port City Films
Location: Cape Lookout National Seashore