Johnson Nursery

I love working in my yard, so when I got a referral from a friend and found out the client was a nursery wholesaler, I was thrilled. David Johnson, owner of Johnson Nursery, had a bit of a twist with his goal for their video. After being in business for 30 years, they didn’t need new clients, they simply wanted to share with their current customers the effort and dedication that go into delivering farm-fresh plants to garden centers along the eastern seaboard. In fact, their process involves a highly coordinated workforce that picks, labels, loads and ships plants all in the same business day. Depending on the destination, plants literally go from nursery to retailer in a matter of hours. Quite impressive. So our goal was simple: Show this extreme operation along with the employee’s dedication through a day-in-the-life film. While it made for a long day of shooting, we created a fresh branding piece that leaves customers with new-found impressions.