Times Like Dying (take 1)

In a recent post, I mentioned how much fun it was to relive childhood memories through my work. Last February, the “fun gates” opened wide when I visited the set of the local indie film Times Like Dying. After a short drive to the country, I found myself immersed in a world including a quaint and quintessential farm, several heavy-breathing horses and some very real guns. My favorite subjects were the “reel” cowboys played by local friends Anthony Reynolds and Myke Holmes along with Fidias Reyes, Robert C. Treveiler and Jim Cody Williams. The movie tells the story of a post-Civil War family who makes a daring decision in order to survive, and the consequences that follow. This narrative short film is making its world-wide debut at this year’s internationally acclaimed Cucalorus film festival. Here are some of the characters I met while “playing cowboys.” Stay tuned for more images from my amazing day on location with this production.

Robert C. Treveiler as Amos Dixon
Myke Holmes as Wadell Dixon
Anthony Reynolds as Shepherd Chilcoate
Fidias Reyes as Miss Ledbetter
Jim Cody Williams as Percy Dixon