The Rose Parade

Last year, long-time clients Dboy & Bob Rogers Travel hired me to follow the Lincoln-Way High School Marching Band as they performed in the famed Rose Parade in Pasadena, California. Part of my assignment had me stationed on a grandstand (with several other cameramen) to capture the band as they marched by. When I saw a photographer down on the street, I asked a veteran shooter near me in the stands, “How did he get that access?” He said, “With your particular media pass, you can get down there, too.” So for the next 5.5 miles, I was literally in the Rose Parade. The challenges were many: multiple moving targets, rapid lens changes, dodging flags in the color guard section, and jogging while shooting just to keep up. The energy of the uber-talented percussion group kept me going, and I now have a newfound respect for marching bands. Here are a few favorite images from one of the Top 5 Shoots of my 28-year career.