The DaVinci Crew

Surgery has come a long way folks. Take the DaVinci Surgical System for example. This thing brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “Look Ma, no hands!” The device was designed to reduce the time patients have to stay in the hospital by requiring smaller incisions where the robotic “fingers” can go in and fix you.┬áNew Hanover Regional Medical Center here in Wilmington needed some updated images of their baby and the skilled surgeons trained to drive this incredible machine. Working closely with Jeff Morvil, Creative Director at Morvil Design we set up the main group shot right in an actual operating room. The hospital’s job was to round up these busy doctors and have them all show up at the same time. No easy feat mind you. We captured several individual portraits and some cool still life shots along with the group pic. Now I’m no doctor, but I would say the prognosis looks great for those who need a little tuneup with these guys around. Special thanks to my crew for helping me pull this one off. Love you guys!