South ‘n France Handmade Bon Bons

Lately I’ve been meeting local small business owners who provide unique products and services—take South ‘n France, for example. They offer delicious bon bons that are completely made by hand. Charlene Dupray, the “southern half” of the company, said she needed a short informative video for their website, Pascal Siegler, professional chef and the “French half” demonstrated how these exquisite chocolate morsels are made. The resulting 2-minute movie was designed to be a warm and charming peek at this cute couple and their entrepreneurial efforts. If you’re still shopping for a tasty gift for your clients or loved ones, look no further! (Disclaimer: several bon bons were consumed in the making of this film.)

And read about the shoot in this awesome article, “Chocolate Movie Stars,” on the South ‘n France blog….