Introducing….Chris Davis Productions.

I’ve been working in video for a while now (under Categories to your right, click on Film). And I noticed something that has always bothered me regarding TV commercials. The super slick, big budget spots for national companies run right beside the ones created locally. Not good. Kinda like putting a Lexus up against a homemade go-cart. But there are certain small-business owners who want their advertising efforts to have a great idea and a high production values too, like the big-boy ads. This is where I come in.

I’d like to offer an option that doesn’t feel so….local. So I’ve launched Chris Davis Productions.

Already have an agency? Great, send us your boards. Can’t afford an ad agency, but want an awesome TV ad? Great, let’s talk. We’ll create an ad that will put your business in the best light.

Same eye. New toys.


New Production Firm Seeks to Shoot TV Ads That Are “Not So Local”

Nationally recognized commercial photographer, Chris Davis, launches a new division of his Wilmington, NC-based photography business, turning his lens toward local and regional television commercials and short films.

WILMINGTON, NC—For the last 18 years, Chris Davis has enjoyed success as an award-winning commercial photographer.  Davis considers his career’s official start in 1993, when his photo for a men’s clothier ran as a full-page ad in GQ magazine.  Since then, Davis has worked for corporate giants like Coca-Cola, BellSouth, Motorola, Sony, and ING; his images have graced magazine pages and 6-story billboards in Atlanta, where he was trained. Davis and his family moved to Wilmington in 2005, and these days, Davis has his sights set on local Wilmington businesses.

On November 1st, Davis officially launches Chris Davis Productions, a division of Chris Davis Photography, Inc.. The production company will focus on creating high-quality commercials that are intended to fill the gap between the slick, Madison Avenue-produced advertising of national corporations and the obviously home-spun look of most local ads.

Davis explains:  “When you watch television, national spots run right beside local ones, and there is often a huge difference between them in terms of concepts and the cinematography.  My intent is to fill that gap, allowing smaller local companies to look, well—not so local.  Chris Davis Productions will produce commercials that feel more like short films than TV ads.”

If you’ve seen local spots for Kitchen and Bath Galleries (“Sleeping Bags”) or the Goodnight Sleepstore (“Burglar,” “Insomnia” and “Date”) series, then you’ve seen Chris Davis in action.  He produced the Kitchen and Bath Galleries spot and collaborated as Director of Photography on the Goodnight Sleepstore spots with local award-winning director Joey Connolley. You may have also seen Davis’s still photography work on recent covers of Focus on the Coast magazine. “Of course, we’re continuing to shoot stills, too,” he says.

Charlene Dupray, current client and co-owner of Wilmington-based South ’n France, Inc., says:  “What makes Chris Davis Productions unique is that he’s not just some guy who liked video and decided to start a production company.  He’s an experienced commercial photographer who knows how to create, produce and deliver an advertising product.  He understands marketing, photography, lighting—the whole package.  To have a pro with the eye of a commercial photographer who can create a full-blown video production…well, it’s a gift.  Wilmington is lucky to have him!”