BRC: The Rest of the Story

This summer I was contacted by a local organization called the Blue Ribbon Commission, which is made up of community leaders, local businesses and volunteers. Their mission is to stop youth violence in New Hanover County. Most people in our area have never heard of the Blue Ribbon Commission, which inspired an upcoming media blitz including a new website, billboards, radio and TV spots. I had the opportunity to present a concept for a 30-second TV spot and a short web video. After extensive research, writer J.R. Jones and I decided to focus on a core problem concerning the issue of youth violence—the absence of fathers. “The BRC Needs Mentors” became the overarching idea behind our assignment, and we played it out with two characters, Darren & DeSean. Our approach was to create a TV “teaser” spot (see earlier post) to build interest and drive traffic to the new website: There, the viewer can see and hear the rest of Darren and DeSean’s story via our video, and (hopefully) become a volunteer. Click the full screen button in the lower right corner for better viewing!