Q: What do I have to do on my end to prepare for this type of shoot?
A: Very little really. That’s why this approach is so attractive. There will be a pre-production call well before the scheduled shoot date(s). I suggest sending out an email (if possible) announcing when the shoot is happening and giving basic info about my visit.
Q: What if some people don’t want to be photographed?
A: I avoid them. This has come up, but it has never affected the quality of the delivery.
Q: What if some of my employees leave the company after we use their image in our marketing materials?
A: The employees must sign a photo release which protects you in case they leave. We have excellent releases that can be provided, or you can use your own. You retain all releases.
Q: Can CDP shoot video along with still photography?
A: Short answer: Yes. Longer answer: There are smart ways to approach this. I suggest scheduling a call to discuss a solid strategy.
Q: Do I get to pick the images that I’m buying?
A: You can. A link to a low resolution folder can be sent for you to select from. In some cases I am asked to select the very best photos from the shoot. My process includes three individual rounds of edits and you can always see additional images after my delivery if necessary.
Q: How is payment handled?
A: A 50% deposit and a signed estimate secures the date(s) on our calendar. All out-of-pocket costs and fees are listed in a detailed line-item estimate. Balance net 30 days from delivery.
Q: Are you insured to be on my property?
A: Yes. CDP has a commercial liability policy which can be emailed. Adding your company as additional insured is optional.

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