Exclusive artwork is within reach

For simplicity’s sake, there are five “packages” with pricing right up front. If your current photography needs are different, I’ll be happy to estimate your specific job.

The package is licensed to the client for 3 years from the invoice date and the photos may not be resold (by you or me.) This makes the artwork exclusive and more affordable than stock since there is no way that your competition can license the same images.

The final photos are skillfully edited from thousands taken during the shoot. The images are color-corrected, uncropped and 5760 x 3840 resolution. All images in a package must be ordered at the same time.

100 Images *$5000 ($50.00 per photo)
175 Images *$7500 ($42.86 per photo)
250 Images *$10000 ($40.00 per photo)
325 Images *$12500 ($38.46 per photo)
400 Images *$15000 ($37.50 per photo) *travel not included